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Guide for Easy and Free Car and Auto Loans:

Buying a new car is always exciting. There are currently so may options and decisions to make that the choices of a car can be staggering. However, in order to make the process as painless as possible, you should start considering checking into an auto loan prior to acutally looking for the car.

Apply for a Car Loan Online Now, it is free to apply.

Why? The reasoning is simple, if you apply for your car loan prior to shopping you will already have created a price range to shop within, and you are less likely to be roped into a bad rate by a sales person – you already have a rate and a loan before you walk onto the lot!

By obtaining your car loan online you often save a bundle than going with the rate off of the lot. However, there are a few general requirements. You will have to buy from a dealer, or if you are buying the car in a private sale you will need a good credit rating. (Check your credit for free).

The size of the car loan you are applying for will determine your chances of qualifying (applying is free, and there is no obligation). If you are looking at a car that is under $7,000 you are probably better of with a different kind of loan, such as an Unsecured Personal Loan.

By applying for your car loan online you will save yourself a considerable amount to time. You can make the process of speeding up your car loan even faster by collecting the following information (which will appear on the car loan forms).

What you need to apply for your car loan online:

Your current monthly income before taxes.
Your address (and time at residence).
Your monthly payment on your residence.
Your home, work, and cell phone numbers (if applicable).
Your birthdate and Social Security Number (Sent secure and encrypted over the internet).
Your current employers information, name, address, phone number, and years worked.
The amount of downpayment you plan to use.
Know if you are going to buy from a dealer or a private sale.
All this information is sent over the internet, securely to protect your identity.

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