Student Loan Consolidation

With current economic woes and jobs hard to comeby, todays students have an interesting advantage. Currently the interest rate on student loans is at an all time low. If you are a new college draduate, the interest rate for federal student loans can be enve lower if your consolidate before your six month grace period ends.

Consolidate Your Student Loan

Why should you consolidate your student loan?

• Consolidation of your Student Loan means lower monthly payments.
• You gain money saving payment incentives
• Fixed interest rates
• A single payment each month
• New or Renewed Deferments
Consolidate Your Student Loan

Facts about Student Loan Consolidation:

With a Consolidation Student Loan, your lender pays off the balances of all the student loans you choose to consolidate, and then you are issued a new (single) loan. There is a disadvantage to consolidating your student loan during the six month grace period – your payments on the consolidation loan will begin immediately. Whenever you consolidate you are likely to land a rate that people who locked in previously would kill for.

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